Tuesday, June 29, 2010


(to know others is wisdom, to know oneself is illumination/awareness)
This information will help each other to serve (to understand) you better during the work, even it will still be useful after the workshop, if, in case we keep the link, but you are free to respond/to answer as much as you feel, depend on your openness toward others. Thanks for your participants.
Sincerely : tapa sudana.
Complete name : ______________
Place and date of birth : __________
Tall : … cm.
Height : … kg.
Address (road, postal code, city, country): _________
Telephone 1 : __________
Telephone 2 : _________
Email : ____________ (it is important to keep link and share fruit of work afterward, please look at your mail time to time)
Speaking language : ____________

Your Tribuana, 3 worlds of times information,
Future : (what do you like to be ? your ideal dreams/future ?) Don't be shy to dream, to imagine is not yet reality.
Present : (What is your job, your important daily activity). Your present work/activities now, what are your choices among 27 « lessons » of tribuana) in the text it is numbered until 26, but there is lesson n° 0=PREP, (up dated sunday 5 may 2013)
Past : (It could be a brief CV, or/and past important experiences that become the foundation of your present life, tribuanicly, physical : any important accident ?; anything special/characteristic on emotional and intellectual behaviour, « education »)

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